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Stale, old, bare-bones content that doesn’t bring in the numbers you wished for? Need to explore different monetization methods on your website?

We’re offering niche-targeted content, including buyer intent keywords, and direct response copy sprinkled in that will nudge your readers from inertia to action.

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Pricing plans

Affiliate Content Kickstarter Packages

Affiliate Newbie

‘Let’s explore this option’

$2K $1900/20K Words

Affiliate Buff

‘Another stream of income!’

$5K $4500/50K Words

Affiliate Master

‘Full-fledged long-term affiliate section on my website’

$10K $8000/100K Words

Step 1: Buyer Intent and Niche Targeting

We want to carve out an audience interested in your affiliate offers. Using buyer intent keyword research, we can attract the right kind of reader, profiled and made-to-measure for your brand. While each niche has its own peculiarities, we’re confident we can identify the needs of your market.

Step 2: CRO

Conversion rate optimization is the force multiplier of your affiliate website. A simple example:

You might think that’s only a 1% difference. Yet, we just doubled your revenue! How many investments have that kind of ROI? This is why CRO can truly transform a hobby blog into a viable online business.

Site Analysis

Step 3: Deep Content

Your competition is publishing x3-4 times per week! This kind of schedule allows them to develop a huge backlog of content that will continue to bring traffic juice for many years. And they’ll also continue displacing everyone looking to take away a sliver of their market audience. But with a smart content strategy, you can jump the queue.

Step 4: Fully Done-For-You

You don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything. In 30-60 days, we’ll write, design and publish between 20k to 100k words. You just sit back and relax. We got this!

What our clients have to say:



Is this the right package for me?

If you’ve been blogging for 1+ year, you’re already getting some traffic, and you want to explore other monetization opportunities, our content package can jumpstart your affiliate side income.

Are you working exclusively with Amazon?

While Amazon Associates is a great program and certainly part of our strategy, there are many affiliate offers that can fit your audience.


ClickBank, ShareASale, JVZoo are some examples.

*Note: The additional networks may only be available on the 100K words plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Additionally, you are free to give us a list of offers to include in our reviews on any plan.

Affiliate marketing can be shady. Should I worry about Google penalizing my website?

It’s true that certain content providers resort to blackhat tactics to artificially boost your metrics. This can potentially hurt your reputation.

But you’ll quickly realize we’re offering content written by real writers. Our packages don’t simply appease the Google algorithm. We target to satisfy your audience as well. Reviews, infographics, answering questions, etc are simply the by-product of writing damn good content!

Can I review the content beforehand?

Yes, you’ll get the opportunity to read every single word.

Will you set up the affiliate account?

No, the Amazon affiliate account would have to be setup by you.

However, we would be pleased to guide you and also setup the account, once you have signed up, to ensure everything is properly set up.

What kind of ROI can you guarantee?

Many factors can influence your return on investment. Niche, competitiveness and saturation of your market, the CRO of your landing page, the amount of traffic, etc.

But one guarantee we can make is to maximize the potential of your brand.

What’s the next step?

Simply choose the plan you want and we’ll guide you through the process. It’s super easy… like, it’ll take less than 10 minutes…. really!

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