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Made-to-measure content that can drag you from the depths of the Google rankings to the #1 spot! Strategy, planning, execution.

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Pricing plan

Monthly Content Management Service


‘I want to try this thing…’

$600 $500/Month

Establish Authority

‘OK, now I’m committed!’

$1200 $900/Month

Dominate your Niche

‘Let’s get to the #1 spot!’

$2400 $1600/Month

Step 1: Outline Strategy and Content Planning

We’ll take a deep dive into your website, fully understand your niche and the kind of content you need to climb the Google ranks!

This isn’t a shot in the dark. We use data, smart research and the right people to dissect and analyze your market and audience.

Step 2: On-page SEO and KW Optimization

Using premium tools… but also the invaluable experience of our managers and operators, we can insert the right words, at the right spot with surgical precision!

We do this literally hudrends of times every month!

Site Analysis

Step 3: Write and Publish

Instead of randomly picking a writer from our pool, we carefully match YOU with the ideal voice for your brand. Alongside our executive team – counting 20+ members – they’ll be responsible for your project.

With millions of words published bringing millions of readers, we’re confident you’ll be the first one to say “Wow… this is some good writing!”

Step 4: Manage and Audit

This isn’t a do-and-forget kind of deal. We’ll hold your hand all the way during the process. Content will be upgraded regularly and strategy recalibrated according to data.

You can sit back, relax, and just let our team go to work. We’ll take care of everything!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right package for me?


  • Are you a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to micro-manage their projects?
  • Are you looking to delegate the content creation process in order to focus on big-picture ideas?
  • Have you been running a blog for 2+ years but you aren’t seeing the results you wished for?
  • Is the competition draining your profits?
  • Are you managing multiple websites
  • Do you feel that the Google algorithm has become way too complicated?

If you answered ‘YES’ to at least two of these questions, then this IS the right package for you.

Can you guarantee I’ll land on the first page of Google?

Google is constantly updating their search engine algorithm so it’s an evolving game.


What we CAN guarantee is that we’ll maximize the SERP potential of your website within your niche, utilizing long-term strategies. We think in terms of 6, 12, and 24-month timeframes.

Everyone is promising the same things. Why should I choose you?

Well, you don’t have to! We own a portfolio of blogs and various digital projects that bring a substantial monthly (passive) income – all we’re doing here is offering you access to our in-house strategies and team. 


Assuming our goals align, we’d LOVE to work with you but we also encourage you to… trust the process!

What’s the difference between the Content Management Package and the Content Creation Package?

The Content Creation Package is pay-as-you-go content. Do you need 2300 words this month? We got you. You need 4,700 words next month? Just place an order and you’re good to go!


The Content Management Package can be the bloodline of your whole business. We take a top-down approach to content creation, managing and optimizing every sentence. It’s for the blog owners that seek to create their own little digital empire!

Native vs Non-native Writers? Is one better than the other?

Both groups have 2+ years of experience and produce similar results. 


If you’re in a highly competitive market where an intimate knowledge of cultural and local intricacies is necessary, choose the pool of native writers.


If your target audience is spread throughout the world, choose non-native writers.

How much time will I have to commit?

Between 0 and as much as you want. 


This is a fully automated process so you can place an order, sit back and kick your feet up.

What’s the next step?

Simply choose the plan you want and we’ll guide you through the process. It’s super easy… like, it’ll take less than 10 minutes…. really!

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