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Using manual outreach, we’ll find the right (real) websites to place valuable links that move the needle.

This is an automated, hands-off service. We’ll identify your niche, find a fitting blog in our constantly renewed database, write the guest post, and go through the necessary negotiations.

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Pricing plan

White-Glove Outreach Link Building Service

Basic Link

‘Let’s see what you can do!’

$150 $120/link

Powerful Link

‘Let’s get serious!’

$250 $190/link

Super-Duper Link

‘I want ALL the traffic juice!’

$350 $260/link

Step 1: Identify Niche and Opportunities

We’ll take a deep dive into your niche and target audience to fully flesh out where your brand stands.

Instead of placing your link to a random website, we’ll match you with the right partner that can help you climb the ranks of Google!

Step 2: Vetting and Screening

Don’t worry about no-follow links and stagnated dead websites. We have a large database which we constantly renew with blogs in the most popular niches. Digitail has developed a personal relationship with the owners, so you’ll get the “family treatment” service.

Nevertheless, we have a 25+ checkpoint list we’ll go through before we begin negotiations. SEO, Ahrefs, DA, DR, and other data-driven metrics are used.

Site Analysis

Step 3: Outreach and Guest Posting

Once everything is ready, one of our talented writers will pen down a post following your specific requirements.

The PERMANENT link will be contextual and naturally placed within the post, without abrupting the flow of the article or triggering an algorithmic penalty.

Step 4: Automated White Glove Link Building

Every step of the way is handled by a real person with real experience. We love to get our hands dirty!

No matter how many links you require every month, you’ll get the same individual attention and care. The process will be completely automated for you, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours sending emails back and forth or writing the guest posts.

What our clients have to say:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right package for me?

If you want to climb the rankings of Google, boost your DA, and become part of the ever-expanding network of Digitail…

Then, YES. Suited for Amazon Affiliate sites, small niche blogs or larger digital projects that require reliable connections in the blogosphere.

You’ll get access to our  database with 10K+ blogs and reputable websites. We handpick our partners so you don’t have to worry about displaced links at the bottom of the page that get removed after a month!

Do I have to write the guest post?

No. This is a completely free, automated step of the process. Our pool of talented writers will produce on-brand content with your link naturally placed in the blog post

In rare cases this happens, we offer a refund (there’s a 365 Days replacement guarantee) or repeat every step using a different blog from our database.

Do I need to contact the owners of the blogs?

We’ve streamlined link building. We’ll take care of all communication. You don’t have to worry about any of that!

Can I preapprove the blogs?

Of course! Even though we follow a thorough vetting process, you’ll have the opportunity to do your own research if you wish.


We actually encourage you to do so since you know your business better than everyone else!

When will I hit the #1 spot on Google?

Many factors can influence your SERP position. But we can guarantee we’ll maximize the potential of your website within your niche.

Digitail offers manual outreach and contextual link-building that actually moves the needle. Your link matters! It won’t be at the bottom of the page or the sidebar.


We utilize an effective cold outreach system, as well as a large enough network of partners and blogs that can make a tangible difference. Our metrics and monthly reports will prove this!

What’s the next step?

Simply choose the plan you want and we’ll guide you through the process. It’s super easy… like, it’ll take less than 10 minutes…. really!