Your SEO To-Do List


… completed every month! We’ll maintain your SEO rankings while outlining a long-term strategy to increase your traffic even more.

Competitor Analysis. Technical Audit. Content Optimization.

All in ONE package. Scroll down and take your pick.

Pricing plans

Monthly SEO Upkeep Service


‘My website has only a few pages…’

$570 $399/month

Steady Growth

‘Deep content, complex structure. I need help.’

$700 $499/month

SEO Snowballing

‘I want to grow and grow fast!’

$1k $699/month

Step 1: SEO Health Check-up

Unless you’re doing regular audits, your website is most likely infected from (minor and major) technical errors. Before anything else, it’s imperative to fix the foundation of your blog so everything runs smoothly. Loading speed, broken images, 404s, outdated links.

The bare minimum! Yet, we’ve analyzed over 100+ websites and most of them have these issues – which are easy to fix if you know where to look.

Step 2: Fixer-Upper

Starting with a clean slate, we’ll focus on improving site architecture, navigation, and overall user experience. We’ll also ensure the algorithm crawlers understand the structure of your website while indexing content based on niche, type, theme, and information.

The latest Google updates have made this step vital.

Site Analysis

Step 3: Content Optimization

We’ll go in and optimize new and old content. This includes titles, subheadings, image Alt text, interlinking, etc. We use software but also the intuition and experience of our in-house editors.

But we won’t leave you hanging when it comes to your ongoing content calendar. We’ll provide keywords (up to 50 each month) and corresponding titles to help you outline your next batch of blog posts.

Step 4: Long-term Strategy

Every 30 days, you’ll get a report detailing every task we’ve completed, as well as the next steps in our SEO strategy.

We don’t shy away from recalibrating our plan if something isn’t working!

What our clients have to say:



Is this the right package for me?

You need to consider the long-term goals of your digital project and whether you can accomplish everything you need to make progress.


Every month, your SEO to-do list might contain dozens of items – assuming you want to hit certain milestones fast! We can take care of that, and save you time and resources.

Can you guarantee I’ll land on the first page of Google?

Google is constantly updating their search engine algorithm so it’s an evolving game.


What we CAN guarantee is that we’ll maximize the SERP potential of your website within your niche, utilizing long-term strategies. We think in terms of 6, 12, and 24-month timeframes.

Everyone promises the same things. Why should I choose you?

Well, you don’t have to! We own a portfolio of blogs and various digital projects that bring a substantial monthly (passive) income – all we’re doing here is offering you access to our in-house strategies and team. 


Assuming our goals align, we’d LOVE to work with you but we also encourage you to… trust the process!

Will you also write the content?

No. While the SEO Retainer Service will steer your content strategy in the right direction, we’ll only provide monthly keyword research, optimization, and technical audits.


You can purchase the Content Management service or the PAYG Content service for written blog posts.

How much time will I have to commit?

Between 0 and as much as you want. 


This is a fully automated process so you can place an order, sit back and kick your feet up.

What’s the next step?

Simply choose the plan you want and we’ll guide you through the process. It’s super easy… like, it’ll take less than 10 minutes…. really!